How to enable MMS without 3rd party app on iPhone 3.1.2 firmware (Carrier GP)

Posted: December 29, 2009 in Apple, HowTo, iDevice, iPhone
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To enable MMS first go to setting / general / network / cellular data network
in MMS add the following setting for GrammenPhone (other networks follow the same way)
APN: gpmms
User name: keep blank
Password: keep blank
MMS Proxy:
Keep rest blank.
Restart phone and go to setting / messages – you will now see new two options “MMS Messaging” and “Show Subject Field”
Put MMS on and go to home screen, then go to new message you will now have camera icon next to where you type text.
Press camera icon to take new picture or select from pictures you have in the phone. Select the picture you want to MMS and press choose. In put the number and send.

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  1. Mejbah says:

    thanx alot….it cleared alot of doubts… 🙂

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