Update abt Sn0wbreez: When there is breeze, there is sn0w!

Posted: January 1, 2010 in iPhone
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iH8sn0w announced
Sn0wbreeze is just around the corner may be coming by the end of the week . Had fixed all of the Cydia and Rock Permissions. So we are ready to go. Here is a detailed list of what to expect.
Simple Mode:
Simple Mode does a simple one click process. You simply browse for your IPSW, and it will begin to build! If you select an iPhone IPSW then, sn0wbreeze will ask you if you on an Official Carrier. Answering that question will determine if you are needed to Hacktivate your Device, and fix YouTube + Push.
Expert Mode:
– Hacktivation (Activates you phone if you are not on a official carrier.)
– Add sn0wbreeze iPhone App, which keeps you up to date with all the latest news on sn0wbreeze, including upcoming releases, or new releases!
– Root Partition Size (For cydia applications, default size is 750 MB, Max is 7000MB[6.8GB])
– This will allow you to use any GSM Carrier that is not permitted by your Carrier.
– Select Blacksn0w for the iPhone 3G/3GS on 5.11.07.
– Select Bootneuter for the iPhone 2G.
– Cydia is always Installed.
– You have the option to install Rock aside Cydia.
– Install Cydia Applications/debs into the IPSW
– Custom Applications (From Big Boss, ZoTTD, Saurik, or Your own PC!) (Search Through the Repo via a Simple Search!)
– Replace the Apple Logo (On Boot)/Recovery Logo (In Recovery Mode) with your own Image!
– Boot Logos (Must be 320 x 480, Be less than 100KB in size, and have at least one transparent Pixel)

**Reminder: sn0wbreeze Does Not Support any Tethered Devices!!!**
keep a i on http://sn0wbreeze.ih8sn0w.com/

iH8sn0w just announced the test is very successful and the One major difference between redsn0w and sn0wbreeze, is that sn0wbreeze preserves your iPhone Baseband for an unlock.


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