iVidCam (for 3G/2G with 10x Digital Zoom no limit)

Posted: January 2, 2010 in iPhone
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Video recording w/10x digital zoom for iPhone 3g/2g! Get higher video resolution and no recording time limits!

Recording Features:
* 10x digital zoom (new in v2.0!)
* 320×427 video resolution for both portrait and landscape
* 3-7 frames per second. (highest allowed by Apple developer kit)
* No recording time limit. We’ve taken videos 10 minutes long with no problem.
* Option to queue videos to encode later.

Archive and Share Your Videos Using:
* WiFi Transfer to Desktop
* YouTube Uploader
* Email YouTube Link (you must first upload video to YouTube in order to share video link)
* Tweet Video Link With Twitter (you must first upload to YouTube in order to share video link)

Other Features:
* Plays well on QuickTime
* Built-in landscape movie viewer
* Encodes and saves your videos as mp4 files. No internet connection necessary because all the encoding is done within the app (and not on a far away server).

* Recorded videos might appear a bit choppy due to frame rate. Sound recording can be turned off in settings for improved frame rate capture.
* Crashing or errors can be a result of low memory which can be resolved by turning off/on your phone. You can also do a hard reset by holding down the power and home buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.
* iVidCam records whatever shows on your screen while recording, including alerts from other apps. Receiving phone calls while recording will cancel recording. If you have an important long video to shoot, turn off notifications and activate airplane mode in your iPhone settings.

Check out www.ividcam.com for demo video, forums, and latest news!

Compatible with iPhone.
Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

  1. Arif Hasan says:

    Sir, shudhu sindor sundor software er lov dekhalei hobe na. eta ki kore paoa jay, tar upayo bole dite hobe. where can i download it from cydia or app store????……

  2. iKing says:

    Search APP Store if not found Core builder can Help

  3. iKing says:

    We had tested the APP runs slow on 2G & 3G any 3GS user can make a comment?

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