How to install favorite Cydia apps on iPhone / iPod atones

Posted: January 4, 2010 in iPhone
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It is very boring to add repo and app 1 by 1 after jail breaking the iDevice (iPhone & iPod)
I think you always install some of the fix after you jailbreak your Device (iPhone & iPod) and have the name in your mind but when you restore all goes down and had to install again 1/1 kinda time consuming and the pain is you need to restart Cydia & phone several time but my process will keep you away from the frequent restart.
Let it start
 I assume you had
jailbreak your iDevice (iPhone & iPod)
Updated Cydia is installed
OpenSSH and APT  7 is installed
Know how to login via SSH via terminal & have the Password for root
Here we go:
List the app : it is always good to make a backup of you desired thing I prefer you to get the list of from your iDevice I had publish an article how to know all the available APP in your Cydia & what is installed if you missed it might like to see it.
 Here is a small list as example
 Login as root (Default password is “alpine” or if you change to whatever) to your iPhone via SSH client.
I preferred putty which can be downloaded from alternatively you can use mobile terminal or other SSH client.
Write on the # prompt all the app name “after apt-get install” command with a space then press enter and might need to press Y one more time.
apt-get install smshelper com.iphoneil.safariquitter  libactivator  com.frank.callerid-fix-for-30 blacksn0w net.howett.cydelete  mc de.sendowski.forwardmsgfix30 nano
after the installation complete issue the following command to be sure that no dependency is missing
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get autoremove
if all goes successfully then reboot the iDevice by issuing the command
reboot J
all set and start using please make your valuable comments if you like it
if u need any assistance don’t feel shy to ask
my friend Taranfx also wrote a good blog on backup your Cydia app may take a look

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