iPray Pro an iPhone App every Muslim should have

Posted: January 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Application description

Get daily prayer/salat timings for your local city along with Qibla direction and athan now on iPhone and iPod Touch!

* Prayer Timings: Get timings for millions of cities round the globe and save cities for offline use. Supports location detection via GPS/Maps (with automatic city detection)

* Five Day Swipable Prayer Schedule

* Qibla Compass: Get exact direction of Qibla on the 3GS as the Qibla view now utilizes the built-in magnetic compass. A new GPS based Map view also allows you to view the exact direction for the current location.

* Favorite Cities: Save unlimited cities to switch between as you travel

* Several customizable themes

* Hijri Date Adjustment

* Adjust individual prayer times

* Automatic Location Detection

* Numerous Athans with PUSH notifications (only the first part of the Athan is heard as sound length is limited on PUSH)

* Islamic Events

* Five Standard Prayer Calculation Methods

* Custom Prayer Calculation Method

* Asr calculation methods

* Email prayer timings for the day or the month to others (shake from main view)

* Unique All-in-one Display


* PUSH Athan will ONLY alert you with an initial Takbir. The full athan (and its length) is currently NOT supported by the PUSH mechanism.

* PUSH Alerts by nature are NOT 100% reliable

New in this version [NEW] Setting to turn PUSH preference syncs OFF. This is for users with a paid data plan and do not wish iPray to use the internet connection when launched.
[FIX] DST setting Not sticking after restart
[UPDATE] Qibla View labels for Sun updated
[UPDATE] Qibla View shows Sun where possible

NOTE: Users complaining about Takbir only in Push, Please note that this is currently NOT possible as sound length is limited during a Push Alert.

Languages English
Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
  1. Arif Hasan says:

    a good software.thanks……………. , boss!!

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