Andriod! @ your Notebook even without installing

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Andriod! Andriod! Andriod!
We don’t know when we will be able to have a android base product on our own hand but we all like to explore the features. PC world announced that HP has shown android on note book but it might not be the real product if you are interested can read more about the article HP Experiments With Android.
But why will we wait for to explore the android when we had the chance to explore it on our note book?
A Google code group live-android  has worked for it for long time and gave the chance to explore it on your x86 based notebook without even installing it they release live android 0.3 which can be run from live CD or USB also can be run under virtualization environment like VirtualBox, VMWare or Microsoft Virtual PC.

What to do?

All you have to do is

1.     Download a LiveCD disc image of the Google Android operating system.
2.     Just burn the image to a disc,
3.     stick it in a CD-ROM drive
4.     Reboot your computer

You can check out Android without installing it or affecting any files on your PC.
You can also use the disc image in a virtualization application as I told before if you want to try the operating system without even rebooting your computer.

Where to download?

Good question u can download the latest version in 2 different way

2.     Download the ISO image in two part and join them with HJSplit a free utility can be download from internet

Don’t forget to read the readme file before trying …
Now enjoy the android on your note book and share the experience with us…


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