Luminr – make them all glow, can you? an iPhone / iPod game by Mukto Software of Bangladesh

Posted: January 7, 2010 in iPhone
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Mukto Software Ltd. is a new start-up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It’s funded by a group of youngsters. It focuses on developing application for smart phones (android, blackberry and iPhone) and web as well. While the major cash flow comes from outsourcing projects mostly from USA and UK, Mukto Software has started releasing application on its own banner.

An interesting fact worth motioning about Mukto is, it has four ACM ICPC World Finalists in the development team! WOW!!

I think face book use might play the mindjolt game on face Book that is a creation of Mukto Software Ltd. Might like to recall that the game so here you can find

Recently (January 7, 2010) they had released a game for iPhone & iPod name luminr, which can be run on OS version 2.0 onwards. It’s the first game released by Mukto in the app store and they are quite ambitious and planning to release nine more games this year.

No surprise, cause I know what is ACM ICPC is. They all good programmer.. I was attached with the DHAKA ACM ICPC 2007.. No doubt four ACM ICPC World Finalists brain & some IT guru total 14 member team will rock it..

Here it goes the challenge

Make them all glow, can you ?

How to?

Tap on orbs arranged in a grid to make them all glow. Tapping on an orb changes its state from unlit to lit or lit to unlit along with the neighboring orbs.
Turn on all the orbs to pass a level with as few moves & as fast as you can.


* There are 9 levels, each with more orbs than the previous one.
* Two difficulty modes.
— In the easy mode, all orbs are unlit in the beginning.
— In the hard mode, some orbs are already lit to make your life harder.
* Place your name in the global leaderboard and brag to your friends about your achievement through Facebook & Twitter.

Screen Shot

Download link Link:  AppStore Alternative link

Support: If you have any technical problems please email them  or drop a line.
Don’t have a iPhone/IPod? No worry gamer Play on web

If you like can take a look for detail about the maker of the Game

Your comment is desired


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