GodMode in windows7 the additional Hack :) & A Warning :(

Posted: January 10, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Today I was playing with the GodMode in windows 7 very nice way to get control over the Windows 7 extra hidden control to get over it … very easy to make those and also possible to do just with a batch file so u don’t have to do it manually all the things .. I open my twitter and I found my friend machackpc wrote how to do it but miss the all fun 🙂 so I msg him he ask me to write me about the stuff he is missing if u want to know how to do it read his article its well and descriptive.. http://bit.ly/7B2Lc1
Here is how and what u u can have additionally
 Here’s the list of strings:
And, as a reminder, to create the Godmode folder itself, use this string:
Now follow the picture and make a batch file like below
& see what u got
Wanna read More? CNET News
WARNING DO NOT use this trick on Vista 64X  and Windows 7 64X. It will cause your Windows to crash!

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