Qik VideoCamera – 15 FPS, Zoom+Effects! for 3G & 2G Wow !!

Posted: January 17, 2010 in iPhone
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Add a Video Recorder to your iPhone with Qik VideoCamera!
• Realtime Effects & Zoom (3G & 2G only), Up to 15 FPS
• Brightness control, Audio boost, Landscape mode, Email sharing, and more!

Exclusive realtime effects allow you to see the effect live, while shooting!
• Black & white
• Black & white with Red – bright red and yellow objects keep their color
• Mirror horizontal and vertical – image is reflected, carnival-style
• Color game (aka “Avatar mode”) – red and blue are reversed

Note: only one color effect, zoom, or brightness can be applied at the same time, and some FPS reduction will occur (10-20%)

More reasons Qik VideoCamera is one of the best-loved apps in the app store:
• 12+ FPS at max resolution with good lighting
• access all your videos from your PC/Mac on local network (see the Gallery in List View)
• No recording limit at any resolution
• Instant saving at any resolution, just shoot and go (or shoot again!)
• Export video to Camera Roll and and then to iPhoto

2 quality modes supported:
• 400×304, 12+ FPS – 8MB/min file size
• 200×152, 15 FPS – 3.5MB/min file size

::Update for Facebook sharing coming next week!::

Coming soon:
• Effects for 3GS
• Share to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Brightcove and Qik.com
• Share by SMS
• Geo location

• High FPS is only achievable under good lighting conditions – this is a limitation of 2G & 3G iPhones.
• If your iPhone has been running for a long time, and FPS seems low, it might need a restart; they do suffer from slow-downs over time.
• To export a video to the Camera Roll, tap the bottom right button to view your videos. Then select the video, press “Export” and wait till you see success.
• if new video does not show up in iPhoto, unplug your iPhone and plug it back.
• Special effects use processing power, so FPS will be reduced somewhat (10-20%)
• Recorded videos are currently best played in QiuckTime on any platform (Mac/PC)

Download Qik VideoCamera and start recording fun, high quality videos with your iPhone now!

The Qik Free and Open Source Software Notice http://qik.com/info/opensource is incorporated herein by reference.

New in this version • Amazing real-time Video Effects on iPhone 3G / 2G!
• Up to 15 fps, Zoom, Landscape, plus major video and audio quality improvements
• Audio Boost and Brightness controls
• B&W (w/Red filter), Fun-house Mirror, Color change filter for iPhone 3G/2G
• User can now choose from different video qualities on 2G/3G
• Local Web access for easier file download
• E-mail sharing
• UI improvements
• Application start time reduced, plus other fixes
Languages English
Requirements Compatible with iPhone.
Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

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