iColoringBook for iDevice

Posted: January 21, 2010 in iPhone
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Let’s do coloring with iphone/ipod touch.

Not like existing program, it will not fill color once in selected area.
It will only color selected area.
It will be more fun to use since it requires more interact with you and program.

You can see the movie that coloring with this program.


Special feature

1. It will allow you to color with more details to achieve beautiful color in selected drawing area.
(Of course you can color without the selected drawing area.)
2. You can add more images vis synchronized iTunes and you can update directley to the new content.
3. You can use various drawing tools such as different colors of pens and marker that can control level of transparency.
4. By using our developed drawing engine, it will allow to color quickly and gives soft image.
5. You can export the coloring contents to your photo album to keep a good memory.

The Children will love this program.
Have a good time with the family with iColoringBook.


New in this version
– Fixed bug that didn’t apply pen setting sometimes
– Insert brief manaul page


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later.


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