Posted: January 21, 2010 in iPhone
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Question: Why it keeps buffering when I play a channel?
Answer: Buffering is done when the app runs out of data. Frequent buffering happens due to low bandwidth between you and the channel server. It’s either you have a low bandwidth connection (i.e. 3G network) or the channel server is being overloaded by too many connections. Please note that netTV does not maintain any server, it uses channel servers already available on the web.

netTV is now available over Cellular Network. To enable, go to Settings->netTV.

Watch more than 200 live TV channels from all over the world.
No hardware needed!

You can
– watch over 200 channels from all over the world in full screen.
– browse channels by categories and countries.
– make you own favorite list. (Click on the star icon located on the right of each channel to add into your Favorite list)

Please note that some channels are only available for iPhone 3GS due to cpu constraints.

Please be aware that channels may not have same quality and some may go dead as netTV uses channel servers available on the web.

Disclaimer: Chestnut Soft doesn’t maintain any channel server. Only uses the channel servers already available on the Web. Channels offered may vary and may be withdrawn without prior notice. No refund will be given when the content changes or is withdrawn.

New in this version
– Faster channel update
– Spanish language support
– Bug fixes

English, Spanish, Turkish

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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