iPhone helps U.S. filmmaker survive Haiti earthquake

Posted: January 25, 2010 in iPhone

American filmmaker Dan Woolley, who was trapped under the earthquake debris in Haiti, would have died had he not used his iPhone.

Woolley survived the wreckage due to first aid application on his iPhone which gave quick access as to what needed to be done to treat his wounds.

iPhone application helps treat wounds
Trapped under the pile of debris for nearly 65 hours, Woolley used his digital SLR to click pictures of the wreckage and look for a safe place to rest.

He took shelter in an elevator shaft and used the first aid application on his iPhone to treat his fractured leg and cuts on his head.

The application explained him how to stop the bleeding from his wounds. Woolley used his shirt as a tourniquet for his leg and sock to make bandage for his head.

His iPhone also warned him to avoid falling asleep due to the head injury. As a result Woolley set alarm to ring after every 20 minutes as a precaution.

The instructions from the iPhone first aid app enabled him to survive the disaster for nearly three days after which he was rescued by a French rescue team.

Recalling the wreckage
Woolley, working for Compassion International, a mission organization, was in Haiti shooting a film about the impact of poverty on the Haitians.

At that time, the earthquake struck. Woolley was in Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince with his colleague David Hames.

Recalling the experience he told msnbc.com, “I just saw the walls rippling and just explosive sounds all around me.”

“It all happened incredibly fast. David yelled out, ‘It’s an earthquake,’ and we both lunged and everything turned dark.”

Goodbye notes to sons
While trapped in the wreckage, Woolley also wrote goodbye notes to his wife and two sons, Josh, 6, and Nathan, 3.

The note written to his sons read, “I was in a big accident. Don’t be upset at God. He always provides for his children, even in hard times. I’m still praying that God will get me out, but He may not. But He will always take care of you.”

Woolley has been discharged from the hospital and has returned to his home Colorado Springs, Colo. His colleague Hames is still missing.


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