3G Bug been Reported and iH8sn0w think it’s a known bug :) will fix it …

Posted: February 5, 2010 in iPhone
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[03:22:03] CoreBuilder: i had tried sn0wbreez on 3G 4 way Simple & Advance – with Hactivation & without Hactivation.. with Hactivation hang & stacked on reboot n reboot till force to shut … without Hactivation run ok but hang & stacked on reboot n reboot till force to shut as soon as Blacksn0w is install…  Really U need to check that Msg me on twiter 
[03:23:45] iH8sn0w: hm
[03:23:50] iH8sn0w: try not installing blacksn0w
[03:26:19] CoreBuilder: then i cant’t make calls buddy
[03:26:36] iH8sn0w: install it in cydia afterwards
[03:26:38] iH8sn0w: just as a test
[03:26:49] CoreBuilder: did that manually
[03:27:14] CoreBuilder: when tried 4 way as i told
[03:28:07] CoreBuilder: hactivated ipsw dont run
[03:28:35] CoreBuilder: without hactivation
[03:28:43] CoreBuilder: run smooth
[03:29:10] CoreBuilder: but follow the same when i install the Blacksnow
[03:29:25] iH8sn0w: hm…
[03:29:33] iH8sn0w: then do this
[03:29:39] iH8sn0w: restore w/o activation
[03:29:46] iH8sn0w: run blackra1n
[03:29:53] CoreBuilder: did
[03:29:56] CoreBuilder: worked
[03:30:08] CoreBuilder: and alos redsnow
[03:30:18] CoreBuilder: and install blacksnow
[03:30:24] CoreBuilder: work like charm
[03:30:53] CoreBuilder: somewhere it is conflicting with the boot process
[03:31:24] CoreBuilder: should i enable the verbose loging and check?
[03:32:15] CoreBuilder: hurry man
[03:32:27] CoreBuilder: its 3:32 am here in Bangladesh
[03:34:47] iH8sn0w: dude
[03:34:49] iH8sn0w: i know the issue
[03:34:55] iH8sn0w: just be calm
[03:35:19] CoreBuilder: ok
[03:35:50] CoreBuilder: so should  go to bed? and have a sceary dreem? LOL
[03:36:07] CoreBuilder: or  will get something in the next morning?
[03:36:28] iH8sn0w: lol
[03:36:30] iH8sn0w: probably
[03:36:31] iH8sn0w: night
[03:36:45] CoreBuilder: that is morning to me
[03:36:56] CoreBuilder: its 3:36 AM in my place
[03:37:43] iH8sn0w: lol
[03:38:20] CoreBuilder: so I am restoring to 3.1.2 and going to my sweet wife 😛
[03:39:13] CoreBuilder: will u be kind to put a msg on Twterr me when ur done the fixing ?
[03:40:19] iH8sn0w: i wouldnt remember. :S
[03:41:57] CoreBuilder: if i come to canada
[03:42:03] CoreBuilder: i will kill u :S
[03:42:55] iH8sn0w: :0
[03:46:01] CoreBuilder: Good night
[03:46:12] CoreBuilder: keep up ur good work
[03:47:10] CoreBuilder: thanks for ruin my day & night also sor not upgrading the baseband
[03:47:13] CoreBuilder: 😀


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