Tilimi 2.0.3 voice communicator for iPhone iPod Touch

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Tilimi 2.0, is just an enhanced version of the application you previously downloaded. The interface is completely redesigned, it’s fast and simple, and it allows an new way to communicate. The “Instant Search” button allows you to find the users you want to communicate with on different channels. The new retro channels selector enables channel scans like in a CB.
Through this new version, you will see the new Tilimi features, such as more stability in communication, wi-fi or 3G network connection, bluetooth adaptability, and the fast and easy way to connect with friends.

The new Tilimi has a new version for a desktop as well. More functions were added including the ability to be an administrator of a channel, conversation monitoring, making channels private, or naming and creating personal channels. All the new configurations will be seen from others using Tilimi from a desktop or iPhone.

Tilimi Desktop and Tilimi 2.0. for iPhone share the same frequencies, and you can chat without limits.

Tilimi 2.0 works with iPhone and iPod Touch. On an iPod Touch first generation, it is possible to only to listen because there is no microphone input.

Tilimi Instant voice communication. Fast and simple

Desktop version can be downloaded from http://www.tilimi.com/


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