BuzzMe – quick and simple iPhone-to-iPhone messaging for FREE!

Posted: February 10, 2010 in iPhone
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 BuzzMe – quick and simple iPhone-to-iPhone messaging for FREE!

Tell your friends to “BuzzMe!” Available for both iPhone and iPod Touch.

Here’s the iPhone messenger application you’ve been waiting for- BuzzMe!

BuzzMe! is an iPhone-to-iPhone messaging application with push notification that allows you to text your friends anywhere in the world for FREE.
Forget about IM Systems where you have to log in and out. Stop paying a fortune for texting!

BuzzMe! is a simple way to text your friends for FREE with an iPhone or iPod Touch, and you don’t even need and ID. Just invite your friends to BuzzMe! and you’re ready to go! Even if your friends live in a different country: BuzzMe! messages will reach all iPhones and iPod Touches around the word- fast and FREE!

BuzzMe! – it’s that simple!

Short description:

– text messaging for free
– works with push notifications
– works with iPhone and iPod touch
– messages are received instantly anywhere in the world
– BuzzMe! software is required to be able to send/receive messages
– you will only get messages from your invited friends
– no unrequested or advertising messages
– messages can be sent to multiple contacts at a time
– different ring tones

What’s new in Version 2.0
– send/receive photos
– send/receive audio messages
– custom balloon colors
– customize friend’s nickname and icon
– more ringtones
– optional landscape view
– more languages
– bug fixes


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