Get tired of being intarupted while taking Skype call on iPhone? SkypeHelper is here to help

Posted: February 23, 2010 in iPhone

SkypeHelper improves your Skype experience and saves time and money by finding the best way to make a call. Easily make Skype and iPhone phone calls without having to think about which is the best to use.

**** Exclusive to SkypHelper ****
This is the only app that makes it easy to block incoming cell calls when using Skype. Without call blocking, incoming cell calls will interrupt a Skype call. The procedure for call blocking is described in a 2 minute video which you can find here:

Launch SkypeHelper and it will check your network connection and time/day to see if you are using peak or free cell phone minutes. Dial a number and press the call button to use the best type of call at that moment.

– If you are in off peak time, the cell phone is almost always better for regions on your cell plan.
– If the time is peak time and your iPhone has a network connection, Skype is better.
– If the time is peak but your iPhone has no network connection, your cell plan is better.

NOTE: You must have the Skype app installed and a current account to place Skype calls.

What’s new in Version 1.3
– No ads!
– Call history. Last 10 numbers dialed are available as a slider on the bottom of the screen.
– Contact name displayed under phone number.
– Softer phone dialing tones.


Features coming in a future version
– Phone favorites.
– Peak time configuration.
– Call blocking/voice mail number configuration.
– Skype contact lookup.

Let us know which features you want to see. Sound off at


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