xSellize VIP Membership

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi, Good buddy.

xSellize inviting to entered into a competition to win VIP & Special section for LIFE. All you have to do is join into xSellize Chat which uses IRC. But don’t let that put you off its easy either click the link below http://xSellize.com/ezirc.php OR Using a client like MIRC, xChat or an iPhone Client like flowchat, rooms etc Server: irc.rizon.net or irc.xsellize.com Channel: #xsellize Also add your nick to match your forum nick so we can identify you.

The reason we need to identify you is because if we reach 1000 people on the IRC we will give all the users online at that time VIP & Special section for LIFE I have been told that this is unrealistic but that is what makes it worthy of VIP.

Once we have finished this challenge then I will find other ways to give out VIP. Also an important note is not to enter the chat and start asking how many people are online now or just asking like a noob because the regular members that visit the chat will not like that and you will most likely get kicked or banned from the chat. &



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