Windows 7 Codecs Pack Helps You Play All Types of Videos

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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All of us experiencing problem playing with video on windows as Microsoft don’t give the support for most of the popular video format for the media player. So same for the Windows 7 This Pack will help to get out of the issue, Request to read the support documents and installation instruction.

PROS: Helps you watch videos of all types without having to install different codecs each time. the relatively small and efficient download.
CONS: If not installed correctly, you can add lots of stuff that you will never use. In another program is lightweight, I don’t like installing programs are never use on my PC.
VERDICT: If you try to play video with Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center and you either yet no sound, no video, or nothing at all, this codec pack will likely fix that problem. Thus, I recommend this program to all Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center users.
DOWNLOAD: Windows 7 Codecs Pack
To understand what a codec is and why you need them to play videos, see the Wikipedia article.


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