Facebook Ultimate w/♡☺♬ take your facebook experience to the next level!

Posted: March 31, 2010 in iPhone
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Finally! A facebook client with a powerful rules engine that allows you to control your social media the way you like it!

Facebook Ultimate is a dual-account, fun-packed, full-featured facebook client that will revolutionize the way you look at your social media. Check out some Ultimate videos at:


New in 1.5: Slideshow! View your or your friend’s pictures in style with this new slideshow mode. (http://www.ultiapp.com/ultimatepv.mov)

– Dual facebook account
– Powerful rules engine
– Define your own spam rules
– Picture decoration (watch the video above)
– Slideshow (watch the video above)
– Google-like search
– Notification page with content preview
– Mark posts/notifications as read/unread
– Global/Multi-album picture view
– Copy and paste
– Multi-color  and b/w ☺ emoticons
– Landscape keyboard
– Text flipping
– Fast photo upload
– Save pictures to your iPhone
– Out-of-the-box games/applications detector
– Context sensitive help
– And other facebook features

Let ultimate take your facebook experience to the next level!


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