Putty for Nokia Symbian S60

Posted: April 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

If you are usually on the move, and you need quick access to your Linux server, you may buy a Nokia Symbian phone, E-series, N-series, and others like 6120 classic are useful, and you can then install Putty for Symbian on it and from there access to your Linux box.

Here are some screenshots of Putty for Symbian in action.

<!–ch_client = "ggarron";ch_type = "mpu";ch_width = 500;ch_height = 250;ch_non_contextual = 4;ch_vertical ="premium";ch_sid = "Chitika Premium";var ch_queries = new Array( );var ch_selected=Math.floor((Math.random()*ch_queries.length));if ( ch_selected

You can create different profiles, in order to save time accesing the same servers, some other features, are: You can change fonts, You can use full screen, You can create a log file, for more info about features, download putty for symbian manual in PDF format


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