Adobe’s CS5 & Flash support comming on iPhone OS 4.0

Posted: April 10, 2010 in iPhone
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In a blog post on Adobe’s conversations blog, CTO Kevin Lynch responded to Apple and its revised SDK license that seemingly prohibits third party compilers. Adobe is on the offensive as this restriction would directly effect Adobe CS5 products like Flash Professional CS5 which will include a Packager for iPhone when it is officially released. With this new SDK license, Flash developers using Adobe’s tools would violate Apple’s terms of service and their applications would not receive Apple’s rubber stamp of approval. Unlike Lee Brimelow who ended his personal response on much more scathing note, Lynch, in his corporate response, stood firm on the iPhone export feature for CS5. He placed the acceptance of these Adobe-generated apps squarely on Apple’s shoulders and, in a bit of a jab, its “shifting” App store rules. Sticking the knife in a little bit further, Lynch noted that Adobe’s authoring platforms are looking beyond Apple and its devices and will continue to work with industry partners to bring content and applications to a wide range of devices. Get out your virtual scorecard folks as this corporate cat fight is starting to heat up…


  1. CubeGuy says:

    I can't find anything about this elsewhere on the web. You're saying that Adobe's planning on having CS5 compile to an approved language before being packaged as an app?

  2. iKing says:

    It been collected from adobe blog and also the news been covered in BGR.

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