Blackra1n on iPhone OS 4.0 Rockes again!!

Posted: April 12, 2010 in iPhone, JailBreak
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We’ve had numerous reports of new hackers working away on the new iPad Firmware, and even some on the new iPhone OS 4.0 firmware. Musclenerd announced his jailbreak in a day and GeoHot has followed suit with a new exploit and a screen shot.

Geohot tweeted an image of iPhone OS 4.0 (notice the Game Center icon) with blackra!n and Cydia installed only a short while ago. While this is great news, it is also going to push back other hackers/jailbreakers in releasing their exploits, simply due to the fact that GeoHot’s exploit is different than theirs and the “spirit” hack.
This is great news for all of us, and I for one cannot wait to get iPhone OS 4.0 installed and Jailbroken!

But for us till now couple of pics and video …


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