After Israeli Some USA Colleges Rejected Apple’s IPad

Posted: April 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Apple’s iPad has already been rejected by two top universities because of network stability issues, according to the WSJ.

Both George Washington University and Princeton University have rejected use of the device and Cornell University also says it is seeing connectivity problems and is concerned about bandwidth overload.

George Washington said that about half the devices which established a connection to their network were using a leased IP address “well beyond the time they should.” Princeton stressed that its problem wasn’t a WiFi issue.

Cornell said that the school is seeing networking and connectivity issues and is “working to ensure the iPad does not have devastating consequences to our network.”

All the colleges are trying to find fixes for the connectivity, security and network problems but George Washington thinks it could take until next spring until the iPad is fully supported on its network.

Apple spokeswoman Teresa Brewer said she wasn’t familiar with the schools’ problems, although Princeton has reported its issues to the company.

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