How to remove ads from Cydia and make it load faster

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Apple, Cydia, HowTo, iDevice, iPad, iPhone, iPod, JailBreak
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If you are annoyed with Cydia’s advertisements, then there is a way to fix it. You can disable all ads most of’em are sponsored by Google or Fastclick. It will also make cydia fast and users with EDGE or limited data plan will find a great relief after this fix.

There are two method to fix this, you can choose either, one of’em will work. In my case first method worked.
Method One:
  • Plug in your iPhone and launch iPhoneBrowser, and look for file “package.js” on  path /Applications/ can also SSH.
  • and edit the file with any editor (vi, mc) on phone or Desktop
    • Now find : “if (depiction == null)”  without quotes and on  replace with field enter: “if (depiction == null || true)” without quotes.
    • Save the file (now again goto iPhoneBrowser to same path /Applications/ and replace the existing package.js with the one you just saved.)
    • Now reboot your iPhone/iTouch.

    [Could not upload the pics due to internet issue may upload later]


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