The self-healing power of Windows 7 is now available for XP & VISTA

Posted: April 23, 2010 in HowTo, Microsoft, Vista, Windows 7, XP
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Windows 7 came with a raft of new core technologies and gadgets including some useful self-healing, limited predictive failure diagnostics that have gone some way to reduce some opinion of Windows as a weak operating system. Of course, that wasn’t much help for the vast majority of us still using XP or Vista.

This new free download is available for XP users with Service Pack 3 or Vista users and offers the same level of fix-it features that are found hiding away in Windows 7. You can find it at the Fit it Center Online and it looks a little like Automatic Update. It can be left to run in the background, automatically trying to solve issues or can report to an user or admin that there is a problem.

Find and resolve issues with more relevance and accuracy in earlier Windows OS

It can also run a batch of tests to try out all your systems, or just ones you know you have trouble with, like a flaky Internet Explorer. So, while the power user might sniff at such assistance, for typical users it could provide easy solutions to the common, and not-so-common issues that Windows users face.

Fit it also collates all the required information in one place, so if you do need additional support, that data is made available. The product links into the Fix it blog that has a lot of current problem information and solutions. Settings can be customised and records managed for previous fixes. Note that you need to be running as an administrator in Windows XP SP3 to get Fix it to run in that OS.


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