#Breaking : May Day! May Day! IPHONE DEV TEAM under attack! 2 Officer down

Posted: May 16, 2010 in iPhone
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It’s a May Day! for all the iPhone Dev Team is under cyber attack! www.redsn0w.com & www.ultrasn0w.com has been hijacked by same hacker and he put site icon as Monalissa’s icon and put “hello world” on the index page of the both of the web page. Here i like to mention that apple use the same picture as wall paper in bundle….

The main site of the iPhone Dev Team (http://blog.iphone-dev.org) is still up … Wish the sites will be fixed soon

Thanks to @aditadx for bringing to attention

  1. Yong Alston says:

    Very great post! Really..

  2. Very interesting post! Honest..

  3. Marcel Elder says:

    Super awesome article. Truely.

  4. You yourself have seen such a thing? Interestingly for the iPhone is the analog? It’s not that simple.

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