Facebook Launches New Mobile Site with No Data Fees for 45 country Ashia been ignored

Posted: May 19, 2010 in FaceBook, Social Networking
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Facebook has just launched a fast new mobile version in order to expand its international reach.

The new site, 0.Facebook.com, will be available in 45 countries through 50+ mobile and wireless network operators. It is a trimmed-down version of Facebook with most of the features of m.Facebook.com, including status updates, a newsfeed, Likes, wall posts and comments.

0.Facebook.com has a killer feature: Using it is free, regardless of data plan. The world’s largest social network got its 50+ launch partners to make 0.facebook.com a costless experience, except for photos. Operators such as T-Mobile, Digicel, Vodafone, and MTN all support the new Facebook initiative.

Because of its partnership with mobile carriers, there are a few caveats. First, 0.Facebook.com is only available to people on networks and countries that support it. You can find a full list of them here, but you won’t find the U.S., the UK, Japan, China, Germany or any other nations with strong wireless data networks on the list. This mobile site is built for nations where wireless data is far more expensive to acquire.

0.Facebook.com reminds us of Facebook Lite, the company’s first attempt to build a stripped-down version of its website. That project was shut down, but clearly many of the principles of Facebook Lite made it into 0.Facebook.com. Getting carriers to make it cost nothing to use could be what makes 0.Facebook a bigger success than its predecessor.

But we guys cant use it as most Part of Ashia is being not covered to get more detail on this may like to read the Facebook

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