iPad App iFireLight Giveaway

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Apple, AppStore, iPad, Review
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Who never think of getting a flash light on mobile? YES!! True that every one want to keep it for an emergency iPod/ iPhone user have so many option to chose but for the iPad? Not many.

iFireLight for the iPad brings a little bit of safety and comfort to your digital life style. You always have your new digital friend with you, and it is the perfect size screen for lighting up a room when you need it. Easily change the screen color for setting the mood. Even make the screen flash for getting noticed when you need to be noticed.

Just want to sit around a cozy fire any place any time? iFireLight has you covered there too. At the flick of a switch, transform your iPad into a romantic and comfortable center piece. Guaranteed not to catch the curtains on fire.

Stuck in the dark or on the side of the road? Your friendly iPad is there to save the day. Set the desired

screen color, and turn on either the light to see or flashing light for a becon to be seen.

* this app has the ability for a rapidly flashing light, that may be adverse to some people. Be careful and use responsibly.

As we are concern the version 1.1 is waiting for release and 1.2 is on testing my friend developer is continuously giving effort to update this app. I wonder if he could find the time to make it working on iPhone too.

this app is working with iPad only not with any iPod or iPhone

Who are interested to get the awesome iPad app may hit the download link

The Grand Giveaway

Great news is we got some promo code for this nice app and we like to share with our readers who have a iPad and promo codes are valid for USA store only.


1. Follow @corebuilder & @vonswankoFSM on twitter

2. Make a comment on the post mentioning your twitter id

3. Make a twit “@corebuilder & @vonswankoFSM I’m a iPad owner want the chance for #iFireLight #giveaway for #iPad”

4. We will DM you the promo code

5. Then show us some love by giving some ranking and your valued comments

  1. Cheryl sewell says:

    Too many hoops.

  2. Michael says:


  3. Dtube says:

    Forgot about the comment. Now typing it on my iPad :-). Follow me @dtube on twitter. Thanks

  4. Flash Games says:

    My friend Shirlyn told me about this blog a few weeks ago however this is the first time I’m visting. Believe it or not, it’s getting bookmarked! Yea!

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