Keyboard Shortcut of iTunes

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Apple, HowTo, iTunes, News, Vista, Windows 7, XP
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Some of my friend ask me time to time how to use iTunes smartly via keyboard there is the full list of keyboard controls (for Windows). This list covers them all – from [Enter] to play a song, to [Ctrl+Alt+Down], which mutes the volume…

Let me highlight a few in particular: “Snap window to screen size”, “Reshuffle the current playlist” and “Toggle artwork”.

Play the selected song [Enter]
Plays to the next album in a list [Shift][Ctrl][Alt][Right]
Plays the previous album in a list [Shift][Ctrl][Alt][Left]
Create a new Smart Playlist [Shift][+]
Reshuffle the current playlist [Shift][Shuffle Button]
Delete the selected playlist immediately [Ctrl][Delete]
Delete the selected playlist and all the songs listed in it [Shift][Delete]
Check or uncheck all the songs in a list [Ctrl][Click checkbox]
Expand or collapse all the subfolders and lists [Ctrl][Click triangle]
Snap window to screen size [Shift][Double click the title bar]
Refresh the Radio or Party Shuffle list [F5]
Next Music Store Page [Ctrl][]]
Previous Music Store Page [Ctrl][[]
Mini Player [Ctrl][M]
Stream audio from a URL [Ctrl][U]

File Menu:
New Playlist [Ctrl][N]
New Smart Playlist [Ctrl][Alt][N]
New Playlist with selected songs [Ctrl][Shift][N]
Add File [Ctrl][O]
Close Window [Ctrl][W] or [Alt][F4]
Import… [Ctrl][Shift][O]
Get Info [Ctrl][I]
Show File [Ctrl][R]
Show File that is currently playing [Ctrl][L]
Print [Ctrl][P]

Edit Menu:
Undo [Ctrl][Z]
Cut [Ctrl][X]
Copy [Ctrl][C]
Paste [Ctrl][V]
Select All [Ctrl][A]
Unselect All [Ctrl][Shift][A]
Preferences [Ctrl][,]

Controls Menu:
Play / Pause [Spacebar]
Next song [Right]
Previous song [Left]
Next Chapter [Ctrl][Shift][Right]
Previous Chapter [Ctrl][Shift][Left]
Increase volume [Ctrl][Up]
Decrease volume [Ctrl][Down]
Mute [Ctrl][Alt][Down]
Eject Disc [Ctrl][E]

View Menu:
Toggle Browser [Ctrl][B]
Toggle Song Artwork [Ctrl][G]
Toggle MiniStore [Ctrl][Shift][M]
Toggle Visualizer [Ctrl][T]
List View [Ctrl][Alt][3]
Album View [Ctrl][Alt][4]
CoverFlow View [Ctrl][Alt][5]
Video/Viz: Half Size [Ctrl][0]
Video/Viz: Actual Size [Ctrl][1]
Video/Viz: Double Size [Ctrl][2]
Video/Viz: Fit to Screen [Ctrl][3]
Video/Viz: Full Screen [Ctrl][F]
View Options [Ctrl][J] or [Right click on a column heading]


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