Running iTunes on Linux

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Apple, HowTo, iDevice, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, Linux, Open Source, Ubuntu
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iTunes 9
I bought  iPhone 3G  long back and in order to use the phone I needed to use Apple iTunes. Nomally iTunes and Ubuntu is a no-go, however using the latest wine from the Ubuntu it is possible out of the box – I’ really impressed of the wine project.

What you need
Check that you got the at least the following wine version:

$ dpkg -l | grep wine | awk '{ print $2, " ",$3}'
wine 1.1.29~winehq0~ubuntu~9.04-0ubuntu2
wine-gecko 1.0.0-0ubuntu1

If not, then install wine:

$ sudo aptitude install wine wine-gecko

Then download iTunes 8.x or Google it 😀 (important to download version 8.x otherwise it doesn’t work out of the box)

$ wget wget

Then just run the install process
$ wine iTunesSetup.exe
And finally start iTunes.

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  2. A.Y. Siu says:

    Doesn’t Ubuntu 10.04 include libimobiledevice by default, which allows you to manager your iPhone 3G directly with the file browser of Rhythmbox without the need for an older version of iTunes in Wine?

    Also, is there any lost functionality in the Wine installation as described here?

    • corebuilder says:

      For support 3Gs and restore device is u see the date line it’s b4 the 10.4 release.

      On ubuntu wine is very handy to use just installing works with most of the app can see the man page for the detail

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