Promote Your WebSite Online: Best Ways to do it

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Google, HowTo, Social Networking
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PPC Ads – Build a PPC campaign in both Google and Yahoo for high competitive targeted keywords.

Forums – You can register in relevant forums and start a discussion on your product without disclosing that you are the one who owns it. Let people speak about it. Don’t let the threads die, respond back equally, in a confident way, remember there will always be a room for criticism, you don’t have to leave out, keep on going unless there is a kind of conclusion.

Article Marketing – Write an interesting Article about your Business and submit the same in active and high PR Article Submissions Sites.

Press Release – Post a Press Release in all relevant Press Release Sites. Especially, post it in a local Press Release sites.

Social Bookmarking – Bookmark your website in all popular and active Social Bookmarking Sites.

Classified Ads – Post a Classified Ad in all local classified sites.

Banner Advertising – Create an efficient and appealing Banner with good navigation. Utilizing the same, place your banner in all popular websites. Currently, Yahoo has an official place to perform Banner Advertising and charge accordingly.

Niche Marketing – Subscribe in relevant, active networks and build a strong friends network. Utilizing the same, promote your Business according to the Niche’s Terms & Conditions.

Email Marketing – Prepare an authentic Email List and send emails to the complete list promoting your Business.

Affiliate Marketing – Hire an efficient affiliate and make a deal with him on commission basis. Provide a personal URL to send the leads from his reference. Else, subscribe in active affiliate marketing Niche and start promoting your Business according to the terms and conditions of the Niche.

Video Marketing – Prepare an attractive, eye catching video about your Business and submit the same in various active Video Submission Sites.

Offer Marketing – Provide some useful and affordable offers to your customers. In some cases, you can provide free trials to win the trust of the customer.

Referral Marketing – Prepare a referral program and provide some useful service for both the referrer and the referral.

Guest Marketing – We can actually invite popular celebrities or Mentors as guests (of your industry) to write an Article about the Business and upload the same in your website. Due to the posted article written by mentors, targeted people would visit the website to read the same.

Review Marketing – We can request the reviews from various mentors in your industry about your company and post the same as Articles in your website to attract more customers and gain their trust.

Comparison Marketing – Utilizing your acquired results, post a comparison report comparing the results delivered between your company and the competitor. Explain in detail how your company can provide a better service than to your competitor.

Seminar & Webinar Marketing – If you can spend more, organize a Seminar or a Webinar to discuss the latest trends in your industry. Utilizing the situation, expose your expertise in explaining how you can over come the current situation to create confidence about your company.

Hiring Agency – Hire an Advertising agency and promote your Business through Radio, TV, Podcasts etc.

Tele Marketing – Start a Tele Marketing section in the Sales Dept and promote your Business through calling Customers. Else, hire a professional Tele Marketing Company to do the same on behalf of you.
Start a New Social Networking Site and invite all your know contacts to subscribe into the same. If possible, ask your known contacts to invite their friends to subscribe into the Networking Site. Once the members of the networking site are in good number, start discussions about various trends in the current market and slowly let people discuss about you and your company.

  1. Jon Alston says:


    great forum lots of helpful people just what i need can anybody tell me how they have built there list for people interested in marketing

    hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read Im trying to find a way to build an e-mail list.

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