Internet Explorer 9 Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted: September 20, 2010 in IE9, Microsoft, News

Internet Explorer 9 beta launched few days back, which is available for download from here. Which has most notably a large performance boost and better compliance with web standards with html5. Well, today we have brought some useful keyboard shortcuts which can help you to use Internet Explorer 9 browser faster. Check out the following lists as shown bellow.
Internet Explorer 9 Shortcuts:

* Ctrl + T : New Tab
Ctrl + Click : Open link in new tab
Ctrl + K : Duplicate Tab
Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + Shift + Tab : Switch between tabs
Ctrl + [1 to 8] : Switch to a specific tab corresponding to the tab number
Ctrl + 9 : Switch to last tab
Ctrl + Alt + F4 : Close other tabs
Ctrl + W : Close Tab
Ctrl + N : New Window
Ctrl + Q : Quick Tabs
Ctrl + F : Find On this Page
Ctrl+J : Open Download Manager
Ctrl + – (minus sign) : Zoom in
Ctrl + + (plus sign) : Zoom out
Ctrl + 0 (zero) : Reset zoom level
Ctrl + Enter : Add www. and .com to your typed address
Ctrl + E : Highlight Search box
Ctrl + Shift + Del : Delete Browsing History
Ctrl + Shift + P : InPrivate Browsing
Ctrl + Shift + F : InPrivate Filtering

* Alt + Left arrow : Back
Alt + Right arrow : Forward
Alt + D : Highlight Address bar
Alt : Temporarily show the menu bar. After the selection menu bar goes away.
Alt+C : View favorites, feeds, and browsing history.
Alt+X : Open Tools menu
Alt + Enter : Open search query in a new tab
Alt+5 : Force IE 5 rendering mode
Alt+7 : Force IE 7 rendering mode
Alt+8: Force IE8 rendering mode
Alt+9 : Force IE9 rendering mode
Alt+0 : Reset document mode to the page default

* F4 : Display list of typed addresses
F5 : Refresh page
F7 : Caret Browsing
F11 : Full screen
F12 : Developer tools
Esc : Stop loading page

Stay tuned with us for more updates like this. You can write to us through comments regarding for help or you can contribute your suggestions too.


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