Download Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack 3 User $149.99

Posted: October 7, 2010 in News, Windows 7

Microsoft has brought Windows 7 Family Pack for a price of $149.99. If you have multiple PCs in your home and haven’t upgraded to Windows 7 yet, then this is the time for upgrade it and save some money. Well, yes! Microsoft was recently celebrate the anniversary of Windows 7, and for that reason it now offers Win7 Family Pack on its online store with a cost $149.99 and guess what it can be installed up to three PCs.

This upgrade needs to have Windows Vista or Windows XP installed. Well, compared to the normal price which costs $119.99 for one upgrade license, One must say that, this is a good deal.

NOTE: Microsoft warns that the offer stands only while supplies last. and if you live outside of America, then look for your opportunity to arise on October 22nd.

Upgrade for Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack from here (the end date for the current Family Pack deal is unknown). You can buy it from Amazon too, which offers an excellent deal on the Family Pack – $132.99 with free shipping!


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