BlackBerry Pearl Web Browsing Shortcuts

Posted: November 8, 2010 in BlackBerry, HowTo
  • When browsing the Web, a BlackBerry Pearl user can use the following shortcuts
    T Top of the page
    B Bottom of the page
    R Refresh current page
    U Toggle the title bar on/off
    I View History
    O Browser Options screen
    P Display current page address
    L Display currently selected link address
    A Add bookmark for current page
    K Bookmarks screen
    S Save current page
    F/V Search/Find
    Alt + F Find Next
    M More Images (if any)
    Q All Images to be downloaded (if any)
    C Connection Information Screen
    Alt + O/Shift + SPACE Page up
    Alt + P/SPACE Page down
    D Browser to the Background
    G “Go To”
    X Web page preview
    Esc back to previous page
    Press and Hold Esc Close the browser

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