Google having congestion in database system & shutting down email accounts? #Google #SCAM

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Gmail, Google, Hack, News, Security
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Just get a very confusing email from Google (?) they are shutting down email account due to congestion in database system and my account was chosen to be deleted. Holly cow.

I was using this email since very beginning and feel very pissed. By carefully observed the mail found that they are asking for password & they are using two email (acctaccess.verifing & to spread the scam. If they are google why they need the password?

I believe some of you may got the same type of scam. DON’T RESPOND TO IT & NEVER GAVE YOUR PASSWORD.

I hope google will take steps to stop those type of scam & fraud.

Thanks to my friends @vonswankoFSM @adityahbk @duseans & all others for your active support.

Please spread the words to make awareness & to save people from this type of harassment.

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