CoreBuilder Birthday Giveaway: Promocode for iPhone/iPod/iPad App

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Apple, AppStore, GiveAway, iDevice, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTunes
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2011We proud to announce another giveaway sponsored by our friend Rob Thomas owner of PimpVilleApps and the the developer of many Fun apps for the iPhone iPod iPad on AppStore. Like to thanks him to make this give away successful as he always does.

What are we Giving away?

Redeem code for the following app for iPhone iPod iPad Smile HowTo Redeem?

payupsuccer PayUpSucker

if you owe somebody big? Like I mean really big. They owe you something big? And I don’t mean money…I mean something big like a favor, or a poke in the ribs, or maybe just a hug, or…..maybe money. Read More>


iFireLight for the iPad brings a little bit of safety and comfort to your digital life style. You always have your new digital friend with you, and it is the perfect size screen for lighting up a room when you need it. Easily change the screen color for setting the mood. Even make the screen flash for getting noticed when you need to be noticed. Read More>

HowTo enter ?

1. Follow @corebuilder & @vonswankoFSM (our sponsor) on twitter

2. keep your eye open on twitter and blog

3. Make a twit “ I love @corebuilder & @vonswankoFSM want the chance to win the #Birthday #giveaway

4. We will seed the promo code on twitter and blog and also to the FaceBook Fan Page

5. Then show us some love by giving some ranking and your valued comments on the app may win extra

We are looking for Sponsor help us to grow. Thanks

  1. corebuilder says:

    ETA 00:00 05-01-2011 GMT +6

  2. corebuilder says:

    ifirelight PN379NKXARNP

  3. corebuilder says:

    Last few code for iFirelight iPad & iPhone APP
    PayUpsuccer comming at 1159 PM GMT+6

  4. corebuilder says:

    Who got the promocode please make a rating & a review on iTunes and thanks to @vonswankoFSM

  5. corebuilder says:

    Last few code for PayUpsuccer iPad & iPhone APP as I promised 😀 at 1159 PM GMT+6
    Who got the promocode please make a rating & a review on iTunes and thanks to @vonswankoFSM to sponsor the codes

    many many thanks to my friends @traprap94 @StealthBravo @kgb07zy @adityahbk @iHaz3 @JHackstar @AllenConder who help me to make the Give away successful
    All Good? See you next time party is over !

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