GP Ebill: is it all about eating your money?

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Bangladesh, Grameen Phone, TeleCom@BD
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Did you subscribe for Ebill from Grameen Phone? Then you might know how pathetic it is! If you registered to it you will be getting an email from telling

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find the invoice of last bill cycle in the attached pdf file. You can
use print copy of this document to pay your bill as prescribed by GP.


Thank you.

NB: For difficulties in opening the attachment, please take help from your
technical support, or call our customer service hotline number 121

But actually you wont get a pdf file on attachment instead you will get “winmail.dat” (security certificate from their outlook) as attachment. Secret telling smile can read more here about it.


I admit their intention is good as they saying environment stuff

‘EBill saves paper and energy. Thank you for choosing this green service.
Let us prevent climate change for a greener future!’

Actually saving their money by saving cost (for paper, printing, delivery & etc.) and serving nothing.

They advice if you have any problem to call their support hotline 121. that is huge expensive and will hold you for hours and if you are lucky you may get a chance to talk to some one after a long expensive time else can listen to their brand music.

In past there was an email based billing service that was good can get your bill by sending email to but they kill the service you can get detail when ever you wanted. Now you will get confusing account status.

I personally contacted several time via email to but no reply from them but month after month having the same issue till today.

But the so called ebill is nothing but pain & financial loss. I wonder what their real intention for this harassment? Saving their own money and getting money from our pocket?

Shame on you Grameen Phone should not be such money mugger being a part of TeleNor

I am sharing my personal experience you are invited to share your experience and views.


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