Looking good handwriting app for iPhone/iPad/iPod? eFinger Handwriting Notes is the one

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Apple, AppStore, iDevice, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTunes
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mzl_jmklzivu_320x480-75Most of the handwriting softwares have a serious drawback, i.e., they do not support the same editing operations on handwriting contents as on text characters. For example, “delete” or “insert” one or more characters within the handwriting document cannot let following handwriting contents be adjusted automatically. Since supporting such functions requires the system treating the handwriting document in a totally different way from a whiteboard document, they are not so simple tasks.

Unique from those existing systems, we pay a lot of efforts on eFingerNotes to make it supports most of the editing operations that are applied on text characters, which include delete, insert, cut, select, copy, paste, line feed, backspace, space etc. These operations can operate not only current character, but also applicable for handwriting contents located at any position of the document and all other part of contents affected by an operation will be adjusted automatically.

More importantly, to make all these operations easy for using on mobile devices, we provide a pen gesture based editing system. By this system, you can quickly edit your handwriting document in a very natural way (you should switch to the “edit” state to use pen gesture).

Since it is a relatively complicate handwriting system, we strongly recommend that you take several minutes to watch the “quick start of the notes” video.


  • What’s New in Version 1.5

1.Fix critical bugs of incompatible with iOS4.0 or higher, now it get more stable than ever before
2.Replace icons to make it looks better than old version interface

  • Languages: English, Chinese
  • Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
  • Price ? $0.99 but
  • 2 weeks free for the celebration of Chinese New Year! on App Store Paid Version Missed it? Get Lite Version 

  1. Nice article,thanks for sharing!

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