Skype not working on iPhone? this may be why

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Apple, AppStore, Facetime, iDevice, iOS4, iPad, iPhone, iPod, JailBreak, News, Skype
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Not only did Apple lock Skype out of 3G calling with its latest beta update, Skype is now also calling out some jailbreakers who try to run the new Skype 1.0.2 on their jailbroken devices. iClarified got the scoop from a user in Switzerland who tried to run Skype 1.0.2  on a jailbroken iPhone.   They got the message you see below:

Why would Skype try to prevent users on jailbroken iPhones from accessing their software? It is simple. If you jailbreak your phone, you can use Skype over 3G.   AT&T is really serious about killing VoIP on its network.

It appears that not all jailbroken iPhones see the message, however ones that use the jailbreak to allow Skype to work over 3G are certianly targets.

  1. any suggestions? Should I try to find an upgrade for my software or something? Thanks! Alethia x 🙂

  2. Mostafa Elgallad says:

    I used to use Skype on my iPhone 4 but recently I am not able to run it when I’m on 3G Internet, I have to connect to wifi to let it sign in. Can anybody help me with this?

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