Making a USB bootable drive with Norton Ghost

Posted: September 26, 2011 in News
I found a workable solution to make a bootable USB Drive with Norton Ghost on it.

Well say you want to use Ghost to create an image of your hard drive and at some point you want to restore that image if your windows install gets corrupted. Well here are the steps I took to make a bootable USB drive with ghost on it.

First, using Partition Magic, I created a Backup drive (Drive D) to store my backup images.

Second, I got a 2gb flash drive, then download and installed the HP USB storage format program on my mini.

Then I found the Windows 98 boot files at this link:
Windows 98 System Files Download – EXTREME Overclocking
I downloaded the zip file and extracted to a folder called Boot Files created on my mini.

Once extracted, I used the HP format utility to create a boot drive by selected the “Create MS-DOS boot disk” option and selecting the FAT32 file system. It wants you to point to where the boot files are so I browsed to my Boot Files folder and selected the folder. Then I formatted the usb drive. You will lose all info on the usb drive so back it up if you want that data.
see this website for a handy guide on using the HP format tool:
Creating a bootable USB thumb drive | Low FPS

Ok, so now you have created a bootable usb drive with the ms-dos files copied (but hidden) to it.

Where I got hung up last time was searching for the Ghost.exe file. Well as it turns out, I had to uninstall Norton Ghost 10 using Norton’s removal tools (at this linkDownload and run the Norton Removal Tool
Once Ver 10 was removed, using my Virtual CD-Rom, I put an .iso image of Ghost 2003 on my mini and installed the program. Once done, I created a backup image file (.gho file) to my backup drive (D.

Then I explored the image file and found the ghost.exe file. (Using Windows Search of the virtual drive found it for me) I copied and pasted the ghost.exe file into the bootable USB drive. (For me, I couldn’t see any other MS-DOS file that was placed there by the HP format tool, but it’s there).

I discovered that when you boot the usb drive with just ghost.exe on the drive, you can access the ghost enviorment, but your mouse doesn’t work. So what I did was to get back into windows, I copied and pasted the following files from my Boot Files folder (where I extracted the MS-DOS files): & mouse.bat to my bootable USB drive.

So now you have three files that you have copied and pasted to your bootable flash drive, ghost.exe & & mouse.bat

From there, I am able to restart the computer, go into the bios (on the mini it is F2,) go to the boot order, move the hard drive option below the removable media and usb storage option Then save (F10) and exit. It will boot to a C: prompt.

From there, type DIR and you’ll see a list of files on the usb drive, (should be the 3 you copied). To make sure your mouse works in the ghost enviorment, type MOUSE and press enter. It should state that you loaded the mouse drivers.

After that, type GHOST and press enter. You will see that you load right into your GHOST DOS enviorment. If you aren’t familiar with the Ghost enviorment, see the tutorials that come with the Ghost 2003 cd.

First thing I did was check the integrity of the ghost image I created. That way I know if my PC gets corrupted (its Microsoft after all), I can navigate to the image and restore it.

Well, hopefully this quick guide wasn’t too long, It is actually quite easy once you learned what step and in what order you have execute it in. If anyone has a quicker easier way of loading ghost to restore a computer, please let us know. I’m sure there are a lot of cool programs you can now load on your bootable USB drive but that is for future learning.

ABdullah Al Mamun
Sent with Sparrow


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