Remote Jailbreak & Support

I think I am the first who is doing the remote jailbreak and helping the guys around the net for iPhone jailbreak. I already have done dozens of iPhone and hundreds of PC / Server if any one interested please let me know follow me on twitter and ask for what u need 🙂 also can msg me on pushmeto

the friends who like to help by donating some money please msg me my friend is helping me to collect it as I don’t have PayPal he is also collecting money for my iPhone 4s. hE CHEATED ANYWAY!

Have my paypal now:D

Thanks you

What you need ?
1. Internet
2. Team viewer
3. Understand my English 😛

NB: some guys give me msg me via pushmeto but don’t have a account or don’t be online so I cant reply feel sorry for them

  1. Jason says:

    What a star…jailbroke my 3gs via remote jailbreak…fantastic guy…

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Justin Lock, Jason hawen, Jason hawen, Mr.Gigolo/Mr.Escort, Mr.Gigolo/Mr.Escort and others. Mr.Gigolo/Mr.Escort said: RT @corebuilder: i just make a page on my blog about remote #jailbreak all friends are welcome to visit and make comments […]

  3. TDPSIPHONE says:

    Hey Corebuilder!!

    Awsome plan bro!!! Nice to see help is arround us 🙂 I heard you can increase the processing for multitasking on a 3G iOS 4.0 ?? The more iput on my 3G the slower he’s going to be 😦

    great stuff this remote jailbreaking !!

    Greets from out The Netherlands

  4. Enam says:

    Hi i have just purchased a Brand New 3GS Factory Unlocked its been Upgraded to iOS4 need to JB to install Cydia any help ? Thanks !!

  5. J-Hackst*r says:

    Took about 10 minutes to complete this process only iphone 3G using the directions CoreBuilder sent me. Just sit back & watch him work. Proud to call him a friend

  6. Cool job bro. Remote jailbreak idea is pretty awsome bro

  7. Enam says:

    Thanks Mate !! You sure are Doing an Excellent work !! Keep it up !!

  8. Uzair says:

    Brother i have iphone 3gs with new bootrom, i upgraded on os 4 is there any way to downgrade to 3.1.3?
    please help !!!

  9. Uzair says:

    brother i dont have any backup, now i’m trying to save shsh and its saving of os 4, i want to go back to 3.1.3, is there any other way or should i download old itune or something? i’m stuck up help me. =(

  10. ivan says:

    This man is awesome!!. great job!. Thanks a lot!!!!!!

  11. J-Hackst*r says:

    Worked well for me. CoreBuilder is a personal friend of mine & as a result of the process described above, I have recommended him to others having issues. The software used is not of original design, it’s rather the manner in which it’s used which makes it original. This is a success for the jailbreaking world as it’s very helpful for 1st time jailbreakers.

  12. nunomiauu says:

    well this guys really knows what is doing….just fantastic…i had my 3 g 4.0os jailbroke but was slow as a snail….after this remote jailbreak snail????not really…now is quite fast doesnt evenlook like a 3g….goo work mate….

  13. Frank says:

    Any thing on iphone 4 jailbreak

  14. sales bike says:

    I always like this is type of article. Thank you.

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  16. cesar says:

    i need some help to get my iphone 3gs running. i screwed up and updated to 5.0.1 and screwed up my phone. i tried to jailbreak has software came up. i jailbroke the phone and tried to unlock with ultrasn0w. it would work so i tried some fixes. now my phone wont boot even when its tethered. when i try to boot thru redsn0w i end up with the pineapple logo and then gets frozen on the apple logo. anyway u can fix this?

  17. david says:

    wanted to know how could younremotely jail break a iphone…. your expertisd is.appreciated

  18. Billy says:

    Can u remotely jailbreak my iphone 4s 7.1.2? Ive been trying for a week to do this from online but i cant. No pc. You can also facebook me, william ames, its the picture of an ugly dog.

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