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IMG_0968Google has announced the weather search for iPhone and Android it is not very complicated but you need to know few stuff about it

  • Go to not on your mobile browser
  • Then you need to turn on the beta service, else you will be ended with normal search
  • Have to allow the GPS location service to automatically find your location or may chose from the list
  • That is all you have to do get the up to date weather information on your iPhone and Android device


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Just few minute back planetbeing announce the update for 3G iPhone & iPod 1st Gen will come in a short time (expecting current week) & iPhone 3Gs & iPod 2nd Gen will take time as they are non-trivial ports and need further study and research.

Also inform the twitter community there is a wiki for iDroid is live with the details of research.

Good news theiphonewiki has publish the guideline to install Android on iPhone 2G the iPhone owner may like to try how it works on iPhone as Apple will soon stop the update for the iPhone 2G.

We already publish the news of success of installing Android on iPhone earlier now time to celebrate the achievement.

We don’t wanna  pretend very clever or act we know all so like to give the installation guide line from the original source

What you need to have?

  • A compatible jailbroken device (currently only the 2G iPhone is supported)
  • A Linux PC (this guide is tailored for Ubuntu 9.10 or later). Only Live CDs and native Linux installations can be used (No virtual machines)
    • If possible, use a 32-bit version of Linux. You may have difficulty using the pre-built utilities on 64-bit systems.
  • Backups of any important data on the device. This is alpha-quality software, so you may encounter a problem that requires a full Restore to fix. 

OH! last thing due to license cant tell you the source of the installer firmware files Google it I bet you will get those..

These are:

Filename md5 hash
sd8686.bin 57c08a7aa0d6e3efb9db5d96e0f80a8d
sd8686_helper.bin 6edc7f5032463c294eb1b738482f734d
zephyr_aspeed.bin bad4dedccde0a5bef1a9468d918aa75a
zephyr_main.bin 3c6f0f5f567a2a228aa290f2c49b583a

Keep in mind that UBUNTU 10.04 LTS is coming in 5 day!! you are the one to chose wait for the next release or enjoy it now!

Be careful do the experiment if u need any assistance feel free to ask i also like to take part in the experiment but dont have a 2G iPhone 😦