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FaceIt 3Gs tweak that can enables FaceTime on iPhone 3Gs. The tweak is now available for free in Cydia via iPhoneIslam’s repo…

You might not have iPhoneIslam’s repo installed, so first you need to install it by searching Cydia for ‘iPhone Islam’ or add it manually : ‘’.

Now, just install the tweak, and sit in-front of a mirror on your iPhone 3Gs for a FaceTime experience.

NOTE: For Jail-broken iPhone 3Gs ONLY , running iOS 4.1

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One of the major new features in the iPhone 4 was FaceTime. FaceTime, for those not in the know, is Apple’s video calling service between iPhone 4 devices.

On launch weekend, millions of Canadians picked up an iPhone 4 and when attempting to FaceTime, the call wouldn’t connect. Jumping into the settings menu for FaceTime revealed that FaceTime was “waiting for activation”. Activation, in this case, seemed to take hours. So, how do we fix this?

To fix the FaceTime activation message, follow the steps below:

1.) Turn on WiFi by going to Settings > WiFi and connect to your local WiFi network.

2.) Go to Settings > General > About and wait here (about a minute) until you receive a carrier update prompt. After the update, the carrier field should say “xxxx 7.2″, where “xxxx” is your carrier name. If the carrier says “xxx 8.0″ or later, continue to step 3.

3.) Now go to Settings > Phone. Turn off FaceTime and turn off “Show My Caller ID”. Then, turn iPhone 4 off (slide to power off method).

4.) Turn iPhone 4 back on. Go to Settings > Phone. Turn “Show My Caller ID” back on and turn FaceTime back on. Make a call to another iPhone 4.

5.) If you are running iOS 4.1 or later, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

About firewalls
Frequently used by corporations and educational institutions for increased security, firewalls work by blocking certain Internet traffic from entering or leaving a network.

Internet traffic moves through a firewall based on service-identification numbers that are referred to as ports. Certain ports must be open for FaceTime to work. Network administrators typically open a minimal set of network ports, allowing the traffic for approved applications to enter and leave the network while blocking other network traffic.

Ports to open
If the Wi-Fi network router that you are connected to uses a firewall or security software to restrict Internet access, contact the network administrator and reference this technical article. To use FaceTime on a restricted Wi-Fi network, port forwarding must be enabled for ports 443 (TCP), 3478–3497 (UDP), 16384–16386 (UDP), and 16393–16402 (UDP).

Depending on the NAT configuration for the router and network, additional ports may be used to send and receive video. Some router-specific features or configurations may interfere with FaceTime. This includes port mapping on either end, SIP dropping, or dynamic opening of media ports.

The Wi-Fi network administrator can refer to their router, firewall, or security software documentation for information on configuring port forwarding.

If you encounter issues using a Wi-Fi network, use standard Wi-Fi network troubleshooting to resolve interference and other issues.

Give the above steps a try and comment below on your success (or failures!).

image265893075.jpgWanna use FaceTime over 3G ! ??
With 1 click and no setup, you can get FaceTime running over 3G and use it
anywhere you want. No more looking
up for nearby WiFi connection to use
FaceTime. – Just install FaceBreak from BigBoss repo and Respiring and have
FaceTime will start working when even on 3G!
FaceTime can be enabled/disabled
from the iPhone Settings under

Oh forget to mention FaceBreak work only on jail broken iPhone 4.

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