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Ever since iPhone 4S is released, many bugs have been found in this device. First of all the Poor Battery Life issue irritated many users, than many were experiencing audio echoing during Phone Calls. Some users were having issues while connecting with Wi-Fi or 3G.

Well, now another issue has just hit the Apple’s discussion board. According to the one support forum many users are having “No Sim Card installed” issue often even SIM card is inserted in their iPhone. This issue can be temporarily fixed by restarting the iPhone. If you still have the same issue, you have to replace your SIM from your carrier and swap out the old one.

This issue hasn’t been confirmed whether it is a software bug or a problem in the hardware. And it is also not confirmed that it may be due to a sim cards code issue or faulty sim shipped with their iPhone 4S.

Wow Finlay! HDR Photo on Jialbroken 3G and 3GS is working (Tested on 3GS)

The HDR cam Hack by @cdevwill

  • iPhone 3G: /System/Library/CoreServices/ – copy N82AP.plist on your desktop
  • iPhone 3Gs: /System/Library/CoreServices/ – copy N88AP.plist on your desktop

Now you will need to edit that plist by adding a key named “hdr-image-capture” with a boolean value of “true” to the “capabilities” section of this property list.

Not working on most of the Jailbroken 3G & 3GS. and MIMI pull the hack from the cydia too (Not working? Cant tell you as I did not tried)

I found Why and how it can be done.

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With the powerful and free disk cleaning up software such as CCleaner, hardly anyone really uses the Windows Disk Cleanup to remove temporary files anymore. You can run Disk Cleaner by clicking the Start button, Go to All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and click the Disk Cleanup shortcut. By default it is able to clean Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, Offline Webpages, Recycle Bin, Setup Log Files, Temporary Files, Thumbnails, Per user archived Windows Error Reporting File, Per user queued Windows Error Reporting Files and System queued Windows Error Reporting Files.

There is a trick on how you can add 10 more extra items to the disk cleanup making it a total of 20 items. The extra 10 items are Temporary Setup Files, Debug Dump Files, Old Chkdsk files, Previous Windows installation(s), System error memory dump files, System error minidump files, Temporary Windows installation files, Files discarded by Windows upgrade, System archived Windows Error Reporting Files and Windows upgrade log files.

You will need to run command prompt as Administrator, and then type the following command:

%SystemRoot%\System32\Cmd.exe /c Cleanmgr /sageset:65535 & Cleanmgr /sagerun:65535

Disk Cleanup Settings will then appear with 20 items in total for you to clean up. Just select the items that you would like Disk Cleanup to automatically clean up and click the OK button. This works with Windows XP as well but it only adds 3 more extra items making it a total of 15 items.