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Thanks to iWYSE29, we learned of the possible name of the next possible GeoHot Jailbreak … Rubyra1n. George, seems to register this domain, in the same way that registered limera1n take many months before the jailbreak. As we can see the registration information, the name of GeoHot, e ‘physical’ and even gmail you used before;

All information is the same as limera1n domain, making it appear legitimate. Anyway this is only the registration of a domain, does not necessarily mean that GeoHot will release a new jailbreak, and information have to be true … anyone can register a domain using that data, so we will leave that for now as a rumor, we’ll see if indeed it becomes a new Jailbreak (iOS perhaps 4.2) or if it is someone wanting to make noise … it is even possible that it is registered GeoHot but do not ever use that name.

In the absence of one or two weeks to go iOS 4.2 (some rumors pointing to Sunday but we can not confirm with any source), it is most likely still be a while until the iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team and as GeoHot and company find that the exploits that are saved are still there, that the new baseband also has vulnerabilities that allow release, etc. The record was made quite some time (in March this year) but nobody seems to have talked about him all this time.

Update: the domain been registered with as backup

All you know the rumor about the geohot he published the iPhone 4 s Jailbreak but recently some ambiguous tweet come across from his twitter account and deleted afterward also his blog set as privet…. I wonder who deny the job from Steve Job how he can leave the JailBreak Community..?
Another twitter account (George_Hotz) with his face Claiming that he is the geohot & his blog and twitter account been hacked and he will release the new jailbreak soon! Now time to see if it just a scam or real !

New GeoHot

New GeoHot

Thanks to @iPhonex702 for bringing to the notification


GeoHot just tweeted that he is being abused by unwanted caller and by being requested for the privet copy of the jailbreaking tool (Limera1n?). As he is busy boy need other things to do so don’t expect ant Jailbreak soon you might be disappointed as he said (or it’s just a way to seek attention?) Any way we have to wait for his release and can force him to release the jailbreak & unlock.

What about the @comex ? who has raise donations for his iPad just by showing a video and give nothing! For him other iGuru like iH8snow was requested for raise the donation. Making video is just become a profitable business in jailbreaking community. There is a rumor that some iGuru are selling the unlocking solution and name of the spirit is most commonly pronounced.

So can we expect a jailbreak & unlock, or have to wait and donate more for Picture & Video