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image265893075.jpgWanna use FaceTime over 3G ! ??
With 1 click and no setup, you can get FaceTime running over 3G and use it
anywhere you want. No more looking
up for nearby WiFi connection to use
FaceTime. – Just install FaceBreak from BigBoss repo and Respiring and have
FaceTime will start working when even on 3G!
FaceTime can be enabled/disabled
from the iPhone Settings under

Oh forget to mention FaceBreak work only on jail broken iPhone 4.

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ultrasn0w upgraded to version 1.1-1 dev team have tweaked a few things that may help with standby battery life, you can upgrade via Cydia. it was reported early version was causing battery drain on iPhone specially on i4 also 3G & 3GS. Who are having battery issue advised to take the new update.

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