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GeoHot just tweeted that he is being abused by unwanted caller and by being requested for the privet copy of the jailbreaking tool (Limera1n?). As he is busy boy need other things to do so don’t expect ant Jailbreak soon you might be disappointed as he said (or it’s just a way to seek attention?) Any way we have to wait for his release and can force him to release the jailbreak & unlock.

What about the @comex ? who has raise donations for his iPad just by showing a video and give nothing! For him other iGuru like iH8snow was requested for raise the donation. Making video is just become a profitable business in jailbreaking community. There is a rumor that some iGuru are selling the unlocking solution and name of the spirit is most commonly pronounced.

So can we expect a jailbreak & unlock, or have to wait and donate more for Picture & Video

Thunderst0rm been release & nothing worth it. Just a cheating …

NO DFU or Recovery mood
Not even restart device

100% Fake and i fully agree with iH8Snow

As we had posted earlier the release and the warning now tested the iTunes 9.1 devteam announce it is safe for the jail breaker 

Though the blackra1n had an issue but been solved by iH8sn0w

by a quick DLL fix he name the new patch as blackbreeze which can be downloaded from
Windows 32Bit + 64Bit are supported.

Install the iTunes 9.1 and run the blackbreeze