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Ever since iPhone 4S is released, many bugs have been found in this device. First of all the Poor Battery Life issue irritated many users, than many were experiencing audio echoing during Phone Calls. Some users were having issues while connecting with Wi-Fi or 3G.

Well, now another issue has just hit the Apple’s discussion board. According to the one support forum many users are having “No Sim Card installed” issue often even SIM card is inserted in their iPhone. This issue can be temporarily fixed by restarting the iPhone. If you still have the same issue, you have to replace your SIM from your carrier and swap out the old one.

This issue hasn’t been confirmed whether it is a software bug or a problem in the hardware. And it is also not confirmed that it may be due to a sim cards code issue or faulty sim shipped with their iPhone 4S.

22 percent of UK iPhone owners regret the purchase, according to a survey. The poll, conducted byGoodMobilePhones, asked 1,694 Brits aged 18 and over whether they were satisfied with their phone. And it would seem that a decent chunk of those who opted for Apple’s shiny high-end smart phone wish they hadn’t bothered.

So why would anyone regret filling their pockets with iPhone-flavoured goodness? 43 per cent of those who said they ‘regretted’ getting an iPhone claimed it was down to jealousy of rival smart phones, whereas 25 per cent blamed battery life.

While 1,694 people is a decent survey size, not all of those will have owned iPhones, so the actual number of iPhone owners polled will be smaller, and therefore any results garnered will be a bit less reliable.

But is there a nugget of truth buried in these results? Apple certainly knows how to market its gadgets, filling your telly, trains and Tube with its typically trendy advertising, so we’re sure there are a number of folks out there who get excited about owning an iPhone, only to find out post-purchase that it’s not really the right mobile for them.

New userland jail break is around the corner planetbeing who has the successor of the porting Android to iPhone has another success to achieve the root access by using comex code

MuscleNerd has published the HD photo running Cydia on iPhone 4s

but the rotation service seems not working (Mark in red circle)

It is a great success less then 2 days a new jail break took place in the hack community 🙂 congratulation !!


See waht planetbeing has to say

Nothing coming in a while :p