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I know you all love your Mac & there is nothing wrong that. But hey, do you really think you can deny the fact that there are lot more Windows applications out there than Mac? Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of Mac as well but the problem is, for professional reason I still need to use Windows. Among all the Mac users, those of you who used Windows at some point of their life time should know what exactly I meant.

Finding a real alternative for many Windows applications is not an easy thing. Sometimes getting an OS X version of certain Windows application is nearly impossible as well. Don’t you guys think that to be able to run some of those Windows application on your Mac would be really cool?
Liked the idea? Here is a solution for your. WinOnX is a Mac application which will let you install certain Windows application on your Mac computer. How to do that?

Step 1: Go to this link & download this Mac app from iTunes.
Step 2: Download any Windows app that you want to run on your Mac.
Step 3: Located the Windows application from WinOnX & install it, that’s it.

Yes, you are done. All you have to do now is to launch that Windows application from WinOnX. Now, there certain issues that you should know from the very beginning.

  • You might not be able to run some Windows application.
  • Certain application(mostly games) might not run in Full Screen mode.
  • WinOnX is originally developed from open source Wine project which was intended to run Windows application on Linux platform.

Sounds good? go ahead & give it a shot. Let us know how was it?

HJSplit is a popular freeware program to split and recombine files. The program is available on Windows, Linux and many others platforms.

hjsplit_3.0Core Builder

Why should one want to split and recombine files? For instance, think of a file of 50 Mb, and try to send it to a friend, post it in a newsgroup or upload it to a Website or FTP server. It is usually easier to send/receive, upload/download smaller parts than handle the entire file in one go.

HJSplit can also be useful for backups. A file of e.g. 10 gigabytes in size can be split into smaller parts which then can be burned to CD’s, DVDs, copied to USB sticks or uploaded to an online backup service.

HJSplit for Windows and Linux support file sizes of over 100 Gigabytes, MD5 checksums, file-compare, "run without install" and both editions are fully portable.

What it is supporting

The following platforms are supported:

Windows Linux MAC BSD Java PHP Amiga Windows 3.x DOS OS/2

Great is not it? Well more to say about it but best thing is All HJSplit editions are compatible with each other and allow you to exchange files between different operating systems. E.g. a file split on Linux can be joined on Windows 7 and vice versa.

If you want to study further may hit the original web

iTunes 9
I bought  iPhone 3G  long back and in order to use the phone I needed to use Apple iTunes. Nomally iTunes and Ubuntu is a no-go, however using the latest wine from the Ubuntu it is possible out of the box – I’ really impressed of the wine project.

What you need
Check that you got the at least the following wine version:

$ dpkg -l | grep wine | awk '{ print $2, " ",$3}'
wine 1.1.29~winehq0~ubuntu~9.04-0ubuntu2
wine-gecko 1.0.0-0ubuntu1

If not, then install wine:

$ sudo aptitude install wine wine-gecko

Then download iTunes 8.x or Google it 😀 (important to download version 8.x otherwise it doesn’t work out of the box)

$ wget wget

Then just run the install process
$ wine iTunesSetup.exe
And finally start iTunes.