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Long missing features to send contact information from iPhone  now possible by SMSCard. The app allows You to select contact from Your address book. It makes it possible to send exactly the phone numbers that You want, e.g. You can choose whether You would like to send contact’s work number, home number or both by simply checking the required square. Then naturally You press the button „SMS send“. After this You are redirected to an SMS window where You simply have to select recipient phone number and double click on SMS text area and paste the contact. On pressing button „SEND“ your generated contact information will be sent to recipient.
Check this out iTunes Download

iType2Go is the revolutionary new way to update your Facebook/Twitter status while walking.

“Fortunately, iType2Go is a funny idea that really works. It superimposes what you’re typing over a live camera view, so you can see where you’re going even while you’re focused on the screen.” – DAVID POGUE, screenshotscreenshotscreenshot

iType2Go Pro features:
— update Facebook/Twitter status WITHOUT LEAVING THE APP
— send typed message as email WITHOUT LEAVING THE APP
— keep typed message within the app as short notes
— copy typed text and paste it into any other apps
— LANDSCAPE keyboard so you can type more

How to Use:
1) Start by typing your message.
2) Press the chat bubble to reveal the action buttons.
3) Tap on Facebook/Twitter button to update your status.
4) Tap on E-Mail button to send as email.
5) Tap on SMS button to copy text to clipboard.
Remember to configure your Facebook and Twitter accounts in the app’s settings.

New in this version
– now known as iType2Go
– bug fixes


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

After the jailbreak!!!

Posted: January 10, 2010 in iPhone
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Good Day i&IPeople! 
You all are quite familiar with the jail break and unlock now I am goanna mention few thing I like to do after jail break. Not mandatory but I like to install few services and fixes that I like you may like it too. 
NB. This Post will update regularly and how to do it will be post on separately so Don’t forget to keep ur eye on it or can follow blog… 
1. Update the Cydia (prefer complete update)
2. Install APT 7
3. Unlock the iPhone (Blackra1n by GeoHot is the 1 now my fav) [Link 4 how2]
4. Disable The unnecessary demons [Link 4 how2]
5. Install OpenSSH [Link 4 how2]
6. Change the Default SSH password for root & mobile [Link 4 how2]
7. Command line Text editor  Nano [Link 4 how2]
8. Adding Favorite Repo all atones [Link 4 how2]
9. PushFix [Link 4 how2]
10. Disable the annoying msg “Call forward been activated” via ForwardMsgFix [Link 4 how2]
11. Battery % (ilike asBattery on 3G) [Link 4 how2]
12. Address Book ABFix for indexing Address book 
13. afc2add To enable access via USB for few service and iH8Snow’s Cydia Fix and few other
14. Number Format Fix via CalleriD & Format fix [Link 4 how2]
15. Video Camera (as I have 3G I like 3Gs Video recorder & Cycoder) [Link 4 how2]
16. Improved Camera  4/5 MPX cam & Other exiting cams [Link 4 how2]
17. Count the SMS Character & to prevent the SMS send by mistake I like SMS Helper [Link 4 how2]
18. For Testing some Software I Fake my Phone so Use UDIDFaker 🙂 to fake apple APP
19. Use to Voice chat with friends from my EDGE apple don’t allow so 3G Unrestictor is my survival [Link 4 how2]
20. Enabling SMS delivery report [Link 4 how2]
21. CyDelete To delete the Cydia APP from SpringBoard [Link 4 how2]
22. Memory Optimization [Link 4 how2]
23. Install MC the midnight commender [Link 4 how2]
24. Ensure Privacy by Blocking unwanted call / sms / MMS  [Link 4 how2]
25. Call / SMS Log manager Via Mobile Log [Link 4 how2]
26. To backup my contact to/from SIM, I do Use SIMmanager [Link 4 how2]
27. I like to delete some call record from the caller list So use Recent/CallLog Delet [Link 4 how2]
28. I like to shout about my Place so I like to put my location where I am So I go by Longitude [Link 4 how2]
29. Restore the iDevice via iTunes 
30. Restore the Saved Address Book, SMS, Mail, Notes via SSH [Link 4 how2]
31. Then again give a update to Cydia by apt-get update & apt-get upgrade 
32. Enable MMS  [Link 4 how2]
33. …..
You may also like to do all the Cydia install work all together might follow the Link 🙂 [Link 4 how2]
Who is not getting confident might Call us, we can help them to do it right. Follow us on twitter or if you know the number Call For Help..  
Warning some of the APP is commercial and not free for use & [Link 4 how2] is for how to do it not all are active now keep a eye on it..
I like to mention I am not a mobile music listener I had other device for that so don’t install media related things but you may ask for that if u like to have .. Make a comment I will surely reply ASAP